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God is great! He has allowed us to be recognized and awarded in His perfect timing. We have won The 2024 BEST OF SENIOR LIVING AWARD! We are so proud of your Assisted Living community. I am appreciative of the day-to-day efforts taken to perform above standards and strive for excellence. This award showcases top senior living communities that stand out for their exceptional care and support of seniors in assisted living. Furthermore… The Best of Senior Living Award winners represent the top 1-2% of senior care providers NATIONWIDE based on reviews from those who matter most: residents and families. I thank God for this award and you! I pray for God’s favor in that He will allow us to continue - as the family we are - to make a difference in the lives of His elders and their families.


Dr Jasmine


The American Registry

The Most Recognized Businesses and Professionals in America

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Proverbial Care

Recognition Name: Best Assisted Living 2020-2021

Recognized ByU.S. News & World Report

Publication DateNovember 2020

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